Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I cannot encourage people enough to continue to learn. Life is about the journey... not the destination. Anytime we allow ourselves to think, "I've arrived!" We place ourselves into a tight box that is ready for early onset stagnation. Art should always compel us to stop, look and listen. It has the capacity to draw our desire into the direction of life and activity that demands of us, and encourages us to grow! Are you feeling frustrated, unmotivated, creative juices not flowing? Take a class. Go to the library and browse through the books and videos available that spark your love of visual art. Attend a gallery opening. Listen to music that makes you dance! Call a local artist whose work you respect and admire and ask if they would talk to you about their art and what keeps them motivated. But, whatever you do... keep your journey fresh by daily awareness that the learning never ceases and the growth never stops... let it refresh and empower your inner drive. Feed your creative self!

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