Monday, March 16, 2015

"Deep Purple" 22X28 Mixed Media on Traditional Gallery Wrapped Canvas
$465 plus S/H

Today's painting is a luscious mix of rich purples and contrasting yellows with thick textures and patterns. It will light up any room that lends itself to a sunny French theme or find a home in any decor that seeks a pop of color!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fearless Changes

"Orange Petals In A Clear Vase" (BEFORE) 24X30 Mixed Media
"Orange Petals In A Clear Vase" (AFTER) 24X30 Mixed Media
This is an example that I thought would be valuable to use for anyone interested in the process I go through when creating a new artwork. I never start the painting without an idea or color scheme in my mind. However, those ideas are never considered "finished" until after the work in completed and I have had time to consider the end result as to whether I like it or not... or whether there are changes that might make the work stronger. I did this project with a specific purpose in mind and had the idea for color, composition, etc. from the beginning. After finishing the painting it looked as it does in the "BEFORE" picture. Although I liked it... I wanted to change it. Something about the two colors of blue in the background and on the table conflicted and I also didn't care for the overall serenity and cool nature of the work. I wanted the bouquet of flowers to come alive and the table to separate more distinctly from the background. So... I set it aside for a couple of days to give greater consideration to what choices I needed to make. I awoke from sleep at about 4 AM with a picture of this painting in my mind using this color of soft yellow on the background. I liked what I saw in my minds eye, got up and went straight to the easel and changed it. Suddenly the painting had the "WOW" factor I was hoping for. As artists, we must always be willing to follow instincts and inner voices that lead and guide our creative endeavors. To be locked into a hard and unwilling attitude that makes no allowance for shifting from an original idea to its finish allows for only rigid submission to rules and constraints that block creativity's potential. When you think you've finished a painting... think again. Don't be afraid to change the idea and try something different from how you originally envisioned its completion. This is where creativity gets fun and enthralling...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

While in art school I fell in love with the medium of Watercolor. It is as spontaneous as an unexpected kiss on a romantic stroll with someone you love. The colors can be vibrant, subdued, intense, subtle, transparent or opaque. Whatever you choose can happen. But, watercolor can have a mind of its own and do as it pleases. It can afford the artist the opportunity to be carried away on a flood of watery colorful hues that independently choose for themselves where they will travel and how they will become positioned on the paper. Sometimes the results are breathtaking! It is a medium that shines when an artist allows paint to look like paint. No intensive tight control necessary to provide the viewer a sense of visual interest and intrigue. Splashes, splatters and juicy runs on the page are perfect for this medium and create even greater excitement as the work progresses. Sometimes the paint application gives the brain a suggestion of an image that has no actual link to anything truly representational. Yet still you see what the artist AND the paint desire for you to see. That's what makes this medium magic... fascinating... joyous... curious... compelling... fun!

Untitled WC sketch 3 6X8 with 8X10 double mat. $39.95+S/H